Wild bird food

Vital Petfood Group is one of the largest producers of Wild Bird feed in Europe and delivers to some of the largest retailers and wholesalers across the European continent. The main categories are; Fatballs, Seeds&nuts and feeders. Vital Petfood Group has 2 trademarks; Nature for all seasons and Nature that is widely represented across markets. Alongside with the trademarks Vital Petfood Group is a major supplier of a wide range of Private Labels within the categories.

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We have developed our own recipes that cater for a huge variety of wild birds feeding needs. The fatballs tolerate severe frost, while at the same time providing birds with essential nutrients.

Seed & Nuts

We produce a wide range of products that is suitable for different types of birds and different types of purposes. From pure sunflower to our less mess mix and peanuts.


We are supplying a wide range of feeders for both Fatballs and Seeds&nuts. Vital Petfood Group no longer produces Fatballs in net due to a wish of reducing plastic waste and in stead we aim provide our customers and consumers with alternative solutions.


We provide our products in a wide range of packeging solutions. From flowpack and bags to buckets and boxes we try to adjust our packing methods to fit general trends and usage. We provide packing sizes from 6 pcs fatballs to fit the smaller households and up to 150 pcs for the high consumption households.

Contact / Wild bird food

Contact / Wild bird food

Please contact us by using the form on the right. You can also send a straight email to wildbird@vpg.dk